Sustainable Future in the Rupununi

Co-creating knowledge to shape a Sustainable Future for local communities in the Rupununi

The Rupununi, an area of savanna and rainforest in Guyana, is home to many indigenous communities, alongside ranches, ecotourism ventures, trade hubs, and mining/forestry. Under the background of a changing climate, pressure on resources is growing in the region, which is exacerbated in part by a lack of understanding regarding the connectedness of the many processes and stakeholders in the region.

To ensure a sustainable future, it is important to empower communities to make decisions regarding future activities. This project will aim to work together with communities and other stakeholders to learn about and communicate connectedness regarding water security and other issues in the Rupununi. This will be achieved through the participative co-creation of shared knowledge, which will be realized through the iterative development of gamified infographics and, eventually, a role-playing educational game that lets players consider how each different viewpoint in the Rupununi is intrinsically linked. At each step, we will incorporate indigenous and traditional knowledge and artwork, working towards a solution that is community developed and community owned.

This project is led by Prof Thomas Wagner in collaboration with Dr Ryan Pereira, Dr James Spray, Dr Andrew Johnson and Dr Agnessa Spanellis. Project parners include Dr Andrew Berardi from The Open University, Isabella Bovolo from The Durham University.