Botanical Gardens in Rupununi, Guyana

This project builds on our experiences learned while developing the Iwokrama Invisible River Carbon project, but this time focusing on the diverse and wonderful flora of the Iwokrama, which is vital to the sustainability of the rainforest itself and is used extensively by the indigenous peoples of the region. In this project, the player explores a VR modelled environment based on the botanical gardens in Georgetown, Guyana, which also ties in 360° footage. While exploring, they search for various types of important plant species by following tips given in their logbook (e.g. looking for seeds or leaves, or finding the right type of environment). Upon finding a plant, the player takes an in game ‘photograph’ that goes into the logbook to record their progress, and they learn about the plant’s importance to indigenous people. In this way, the game conveys an important message about the inherent worth of rainforests in a fun, immersive, and engaging gamified process. 

VR Experience Story
Construction of the Environment
Development of the unique flora

This project was led by Dr Ryan Pereira in collaboration with Gordon Ross, Alexandra Matzari, Dr James Spray, Dr David Cole and Dr Agnessa Spanellis.