Plastic waste, supermarkets and zombies​

Plastic waste, supermarkets and zombies is an Eco-literacy game to explore plastic pollution and the effects of waste from retail supermarkets. This game explores plastic pollution and urban effects of retail supermarkets.​

  • Background to supermarkets and pollution​
  • Effects on high street and traditional grocers​
  • Carbon transport costs and issue.​
  • Local vs global production.​
  • The organic movement​
  • A resurgence in groceries selling local produce​

The game has list of unlocked challenges is displayed and the challenge begins. The player navigates the virtual supermarket to complete the challenge. An analysis of plastic waste from the products is presented, included projections for a years consumption both individually and the population at large. A debrief covers the issues raised. Quizes and discussion groups can then be worked through and the next challenge unlocked. New challenges build upon the earlier challenges. Scores are maintained based on the ability to reduce non recyclable plastics and reduce carbon transport costs. Players should be able to build on knowledge to get better reduction scores.

This game is integrated into a micro-course on an extended version of the EBS Learning platform.

The game development and testing is led by Dr David Cole and Dr Agnessa Spanellis.​