Gamified EBS learning platform

The Edinburgh Business School has developed a learning platform specifically tailored to distance learning, emphasising interactivity and social engagement. The platform creates an opportunity to bring structure course content (text, videos, quizzes, discussion groups, e-books) into a shared immersive (VR/AR/MR) experience, support educational gamification, and create shared immersive tutorials including holographic collaborative tutorials, across our 4 campuses.​

The platform will render interactive course content from the EBS Learning platform within a Hololens2 mixed Reality environment and a Virtual Reality environment.HoloLens 2 allows the projection of realistic avatars for remote participants.This project will extend the learning platform and create a showcase of a collaborative shared tutorial, with immersive virtual presence. <image>​

The Learning platform is extended to support in-line games and simulation that can track progress and results back the EBS Learning tracking system. The screen shot below illustrates a 3d game embedded in an distance learning course.​

The gamification layer was designed and developed by Dr David Cole.​